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Blog- Up the Line - 1918 - Skipping a day or two

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Having 'skipped' a few days I am now almost there on this over running project. Big family do and some proper work has resulted in a very over extended me and little physical progress. But.... maybe a bit of a psychological break through! After importing my Sister and family from Brighton for week end the least I could do was give a full demonstration of my magnum opus. Yes, rather a grand term for something with now just six months to go does not really add up to much. So, resolution is to stop farting around with skips (there will be plenty of time for that later!), and get this layout presentable and then worry about the detail! There has actually been a little bit going on on the presentation front that I have been withholding (and will continue to do so for more impact!), but really must get the presentation sorted out. I have been working on a few ideas with some rather unusual materials and should be able to present these soon. Have a couple of quiet weeks ahead to have to make the most of them.


Anyway, three of the skips are practically finished and the others are not far behind;



Not the chain couplings between the skips and the standard chopper at the end as I intend to run this as a fixed rake.


Just to really scare you (and myself!), here is the stack of wagons and locos that I still have to build;



And these are only the ones I could find easily!


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