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Fremo Build - Rebuilding Fort Myers


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The time has come where I now need to get on with modifying 'Fort Myer's so that I can confirm the new track plan in time for the Trent Valley Fremo meet in July.


Fort Myers was built back in 2004 - EDIT should have said 1994, so its quite apt for it to be rejuvenated after 20 years.





Its last outing was a few years ago and has sat boxed up at home since then.


This weekend I will brush the cob webs off and start the widening of the main boards, add one new one and lengthen another.


Then I can see what I can alter track wise to add more industry to the new areas of board. The new revised 'Fort Myer's will also be able to run as a stand alone layout using the proposed new fiddle yard from 'Dobris' and as that layout has the boards built, doing the two concurrently will help to get the fiddle yard right for both layouts.


Photos to follow once work is underway.



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