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Operating sequence -- help

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Hello and help.


Does anybody know of any software that allows for a printout to be made showing the planned sequence moves for a layout.


I have the basics of word etc. so I can make a small table up but I'm looking for some examples of what data and or presentation I should note.  I intend to use flip over A5 box cards showing the op moves on one side and the other side showing the viewer what is happening.  Not too sure how different the 2 statements for the same move would be.



Any information gratefully received, I don't want to re-invent the wheel here.



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I may be wrong but I doubt that there is such a beast because there are probably as many variations in what you want to display/present that a one fits all solution probably isn't possible.


I would envisage that you would want to show where the train is coming from & where it is going to (and possibly any routeing) on the way.


You'll probably want the loco and (any) stock and may wish to add whether the train attaches or detaches (and what) in each case.


The format will depend on personal preferences. However, I'd suggest that what you show the public is probably the same as what you show your operators although the former may want a slight expansion on the codes that the operators may be happy with. Font sizes may also vary to suit the distance from the data.


I'd probably knock something up in Word containing the un-coded explanations, print it off on labels that you stick to the cards and then (if you really must) convert to codes wherever you feel you need to and print again.


Don't forget that what the public sees will go on the back of what your operators have just seen - i.e. the move before.

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I would have thought the information on the two sides of the cards could be quite different.


The public side may well say something like:


"The passenger train arrives from the junction with a through coach from London."


whilst the other side might say:


"Passenger train (with through coach) from fiddle yard siding 4 to platform."


Depending on how the layout is operated, this may be followed by the number sequence of semaphore signal/point levers and section switches.

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