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Bachmann Class 08 Motor

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Dear All,


I am hoping there may be a quick fix for my Bachmann class 08, (32-102 08623) which seems to have a 'loose' motor drive shaft.  It runs fines in normal/forward direction, smooth and slow, but in reverses in jerks.  It looks as if there is no restraint to the motor drive shaft armature which moves about 1mm.


  • Is this a case of it being an early model and an inherent problem and not worth fixing?
  • Will a replacement motor from Bachmann cure it?
  • Can anything be attched to the drive shaft to stop it moving?
  • Is it irreparable and should be sold for spares?

Any advice gratefully received.

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Had a similar problem, under close, very close scrutiny it turned out to be a tiny split or fracture in the nylon final drive gear, a force fit on the axle.


No doubt forcing them on causes a few to split?


Is this the cause?

Ah, the old split gear problem.  Something I have nightmares about.  Is there a definitive cause for this problem:-  Defective material for the gears, bore on gear too tight, lubricant effecting gears etc. 

How difficult is it to get replacement gears etc made from brass?

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I would suggest your quick and easy repair - if it proves to be a split axle gear - is to purchase a spare wheelset from Bachmann. It is a current model so there should be stock.


I was a little dubious about the move to plastic gears, and what the longevity would be like, when these first turned up in Chinese made HO and OO product. I am on just one (1) early life failure of an axle gear (Hornby Q1, three months old). I'd say that was undersize hole or oversize axle, as it split clean through from axle to edge.


That's from a lot of RTR purchases all off which get enthusiastically run, and many up-weighted for tractive purposes, so heavier than they left the factory, over twenty years now. So now I am not worried: up to twenty years service, run every day I am home, seems to me a decent working lifespan for a model. (The longest running models concerned have been operated outdoors and then in an unheated building. They have been both frozen and fried in the vagaries of Southern UK weather as a result.)

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