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Blog- PJBambrick's Blog - Moses Plat quick tour (still some sections to do)

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There is still more to be done on this extensive loft double tracked main line, but we are working our way through the tricky bits of the backscene one step at a time, making new sections, and replacing some of the older work as well.


Keeping an eye on where the new sections will eventually all join & blend together is a bit like a chess game where you have to anticipate a few moves ahead so you don't paint yourself into a corner!


Here are some of the features of the line then, with some B/W period stylie views in between.



The D.M.U. waits in platform 3 at Moses Plat.



Figures wait on the island platform & fortunately Vince's cafe is open! Terraced housing in the middle distance is the other side of the playing field.



The lines and platforms run beneath the station building and booking office, it's based on the similar structure at Tyseley.



It is all fully signalled, this lower quadrant bracket signals the main & yard approach roads



Differing height cast iron bases support the platform end lattice footbridge, only the steps are timbered.



These two sheeted loads caught my eye, the yard's retaining walls and terraced shops behind recede nicely away behind as they should do (no photoshopping other than B/W)



A favourite view at the shed, as crews chat between duties.



The station cabin, sited just beyond the platform ramps.



The parcels loading road with an AEC streamliner and Scammell Scarab on duty.  The sidings on this layout are full!


There we are then, I won't get beaten up now for doing Westcott and not this one!




P.S. For heaven's sake don't ask me questions about Hymek handrails or Oleo buffer castings, I'm only the backscene guy!


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