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Peco power clips and HM2000

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Morning all


I picked up this months Model Rail simply because all my books are still in boxes due to a house move, and now I've fallen prey to the modelling bug after three years away.

I'm contemplating one of two layouts - either a simple three siding shunting puzzle built with methods shown in the build a layout for £100, or plan c from the article 'turning a train set into a model railway' in model rail (page 40)


Either way I may be using peco track, and as I'm a simple soul peco power clips. From what I can see however, the holes in the clips don't look big enough for the round terminals at the end of the Hornby controllers wires.Does any body know if they do fit or is it going to be a case of taking the round terminals off and putting the bare wire into the hole as it looks like theres a screw that will tighten the contact?


regards - Ash 



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