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DCC points wiring for route setting

Philip Jackson

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Hi everyone.


I'm getting ideas of how to wire everything up and was looking at getting a DCC concepts DCD-ADS8 Solenoid accessory decoder as I have 7 points on my layout. What I was wondering is could 2 points be wired in to one socket to set a path, rather than setting each on seperatly.


I also was going to get peco PL-11 side mounted points, any opinions?




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Decoder s are available for from 1 to 8 points per module. 1 point per module makes most use of the economy of wiring possible with dcc, but usually at a premium price per point.

4 points per module is most common. Lenz ls150 does 6 which can be randomly numbered.... Which may help in integrating the physical positions into the overall numbering scheme.... Because they do pulse only, and therefore are not suited to colour light signals, which might be self contained digital eg traintech.


In g scale, I use, mostly, the lgb 4 point modules which are all self-powered from the track or track bus. A friend has used the newer single point modules as this avoids any wires running alongside the track from module to points. In oo/ho I use many roco digital point motors as they too are totally self contained. However I also use the lenz ls150 which requires a separate 16v ac power supply for the analogue point motors and semaphores.



My point is: there are many types available, and some have differing power or programming requirements and options which may not be immediately obvious from a quick spec. Also, consider whether the grouping of your points makes a large module sensible, or a rats nest of local wiring which would be better avoided with some smaller modules.... Where too are your board joins, so that wires do not have to cross, or, in the gArden, potentially become trip wires 8-)


Obviously your motor types will depend on your points.... I have used fulgarex intended for oo/ho etc for indoor g scale slow motion with success.


In most cases.....2 points can be driven off the same decoder output, so that, for example, a crossover always operates together, with a single command. Some may consider this less realistic.... Depending on whether you are modelling a power signalling box, or lever frame operated type. You may like the dcc concepts point levers..... Even in parallel with remote dcc operation...... In which case look for decoders which can also accept local push buttons eg lenz ls150.

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I have both DCCconcepts ADS8 and lenz LS150 and both will op two (2) points together as in cross over etc, with no problems.


 These days I do prefer the ADS8 as they are easier to set up and program.


 The ADS8 is powered from the DCC voltage and because each point outlet has its own capacitor discharge unit the power draw from DCC system is only milli amps and recharge time is aprox 1 second.


 The LS150 must be powered from separate AC power supply and is a little more complicated to program.


 I have no alliance with DCCconcepts other than satisfied customer.





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