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Blog- RJRs Branch Lines - Its been a while !

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Its been a while since I have had an urge to model, but after a trip on our new metrolink tram from Oldham to Manchester I started thinking ............




Of course, never one to do things by halves, my chosen scale is 1:24 (G)





I dont plan to have complete internals as I need all the integral cross braces as I can get at this size.

If all goes to plan there will be limited details from seat level up, with everything below seat base hidden with a coat of matt black.


I couldn't find any plans but did get a pretty useful picture from google that I have blown up to match the tram Overall length and height I found on line.

The picture I am using is a pretty good representation having spent several hours trawling online pictures of the units.


I still have some sections I have know idea how to tackle but will as always make it up as I go along !!


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