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Afternoon all


I've been jiggering about with the track plan seeing what I can do to it in the space I have. Looking at my spare room 4FT by 4FT may just be over the limit on what I can do with the space in there. It's still a do-able plan but I've been looking into an alternative and I think I may have it in the form of 5ft by 2ft.


The new plan is still based on the old circle but has a much smaller off scene storage siding (not to fussed about this to be honest). I've decided to try and make the location in outer London , as a small suburban branch, the reason for this is more the fact I just bought two aec single deck LT red buses off ebay and I quite like them   :sungum:




just to run this image down


the blue bit will be the general town scape and station buildings, the red line is the platform, grey is just general goods yard area, and green is - well grass really possibly I will dig out a building to represent a telephone exchange if they were around then (1960's)


I'm looking into two foamcore boards for the baseboard top which gives me an excuse to go to hobbycraft


The beard scratching continues....


Regards - LB


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