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Blog- GWMark's Workbench Blog - Spring Weekend Over Again

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The Missenden Modellers sprint weekend is over for another year, once again the weekend went really well, with both Daniel and I making significant progress on our projects. My High Level Black Hawthorn has seen some significant progress with the super structure, with a few steps back along the way. I used my newest toy, the RSU for some items, to great effect, but was a little cautious of some things, so used the standard iron and regretted the mess I made with it compared to the neat soldering I achieved with the RSU.




I still need to put in lots of practice with the different ways of making use of the RSU. It proved a great way of added the cylinder wrappers and the riveted end plates, both of which has been very neatly added.


Daniel on the other hand corrected his issue with the misplaced spacer on the Friday evening and moved on to the footplate and cab. He made great use of the RSU to solder the overlays on his cab and the detail part to his saddle tank.




His saddle tank is not yet attached, it is merely laid in place on the footplate.


Hopefully we will both get a chance to progress these models before the next Missenden outing, it would be embarrassing to go back again with no progress between weekends.


As for my setback, I managed to touch the barrel of the soldering iron on to one of the white metal springs, which is now partially melted. I also noted that the cab has sprung out when soldering the rivet strips to it, so that will need to be redone to make the back and front parallel. Both should be fixable however. None of the problems we have had is a fault in the kit to be honest, it is things we have bought upon ourselves.


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