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Most of my work for BRM is at the workbench, but sometimes I get out into the big, bad world. A couple of days ago, we needed a photo of a station at night for a feature so I set off to Hatton with a camera and tripod to grab some photos.


While I was shooting the infrastructure, I had to keep stopping as trains were getting in the way. Despite it being after 9pm (guess who should have done this before the clocks went forward) at least 8 trains passed by in the 40 minutes I was there. The station sits between Leamington & Birmingham and is served by passenger services from Chiltern Railways. London Midland and Virgin trains flew through without stopping and a couple of container freights also rumbled by.


I'm not that well versed on the working timetables for modern railways but nowadays it's possible to use www.realtimetrains.co.uk to find out what you'll be seeing. Just search for the station and the site gives a list of trains calling. Switch to the detailed view and you'll get a longer list including those that are passing through. It's even possible to drill down and find out the full route of each including the freight services.


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