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Paintbrush Stand - These Don't Grow on Trees !

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Actually these ones do grow on trees


In my line of work you become obsessive about your brushes and over many years I have tried many types of brush stands but this is the one I made myself about a year ago and am still using it so I guess I quite like this one.


All you need is a short piece of garden decking board - easy peasy






Here are my thoughts on brush care - you may find some of this useful


Never store your brushes hair down in a jamjar


Avoid storing your brushes hair up in a jamjar after use / washing. This seems like a good idea but gravity helps the water to go deep down into the ferrule and will gradually help paint pigment get down there and spread the tip 


This is why I like to store my brushes horizontally - this will also allow you to put down a loaded brush briefly if you need to 


If you want to be obsessed as me ( avoid this ) then always use two identical brushes together at all times, same brand, same size. Brushes in my opinion need running in and it always takes a few hours use with a new one before I feel comfy with it. The risk is you get settled into a brush and then it wears out ( and they do ) or some disaster happens to it. With my 'technique' you should always have a brush that feels more or less the same. If you have to scrap a brush always crack a new one out of the store and go back to doubling up.


Hope this helps someone 


Maybe I will let you into some of my brush superstition at some time :-)


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