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New member from Virginia


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Hi everyone,


I'm another 7/8" scale builder in Virginia US.  I stumbled over this community while looking for photos of SAR steel wagons since I am in the process of building several DZ and B6 open wagons.  I have been modeling in 7/8" scale about 20 years, primarily Maine two foot railways, as well as being a designer of rolling stock kits and trucks in this scale.  My recent interest has got me leading a group build of the Lawley 4-4-0 locomotive, and of course I wanted some SAR rollings stock.  I like working in metal, particularly laser cut steel, and am  building SAR wagons in metal.   I don't have a lot to show at this point, but a pic attached shows one of the 25 ft wagon frames made with brass channel.  To get close to the correct sizes I slit 9/16" and 5/8" square brass tube to make channels, and it is soft soldered together.


This community is huge and it will take me a while to look around and see all the interesting stuff.




Steve King



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Hi Steve and welcome,


I don't know much (ok anything) about SAR, DZ or B6's but from what you have shown so far - I like.  :)



Enjoy our stay (over here) in RMweb land.


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