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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Progress in the Goods Yard/Disaster with Locomotive Fleet.

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Is it just me or do other modellers out there suffer from similar events, you know how it is, you spend what ever valuable time you have got on a particular project, you get it to a stage you are happy with, only to look at it again a day or so later to see its not as good as you think, or even a disaster ? :(


Well this happened to me, I'm not sure how this happened, but despite using matt humbrol paints when weathering my Fairburn/Johnsonn tanks, and mixing them well when they had dried low and behold they hast a satin finish :). Perfect if you want the oily polished look but not for me, so back out came the paints and the process was started again, hopefully the results this time will be better and MATT though I have not looked.


I did spend a little time on the goods yard area or the layout, well at least that was my intention, but like all things I lost track of time I ended up spending a few hours more that I had planned (even better the Domestic Overlord did not notice I was MIM (Missing In Modelling) as they refer to it).


I had glued to the area near the overbridge, what I at least thought looked like stacked timbre/posts, in a moment of inspiration I thought I would turn this into premises of the local Timbre merchant S. Ornoff and Sons, and that the area would look more interesting if it where fenced or walled off. So with my current favourite super glue and off cuts of card I set to work.





Cutting what I thought were reasonable sized planks I set to work creating, fence the required length to sit on top of small wall that forms the perimeter of the merchants area. Using superglue in this process, really sped up the process as well as gluing a lot of planks to my fingers. I soon had the random look I was striving for, of a fence that was built to fit a purpose, not for looks.




Once completed, a coat of paint to represent creosoted/treated wood and the area is beginning to take shape, all I need now is to build the shed/office and the little project may be complete.


I next decided to focus my attention on the goods warehouse, which has needed the door area, where the railway siding runs in, improving, with a representation of a girder supporting the upper floors. Again more extreme modelling was employed (more superglue) and progress on this area was swift.




I added a representation of a tarp covered load waiting transhipment using my favourite technique of using the receipts from the Domestic Overlords shopping spree's (I fear this may be a endless resource :)). I also added along the loading platform a couple of layers of card to represent timber bulks, which I have seen attached to such areas to protect the brick work from damage by trucks backing into it.



My Goods warehouse is designed to lift off to help with transportation and to recover derailed wagons inside, as sits in a slot in the surrounding goods yard, in an attempt to avoid the gap been at the bottom of many buildings. The internal platforms are glued to the actual baseboard, and when the building is in place, you have a nice limited dark view of the interior. I though this could be improved by adding a sort of internal backscene, so that if anyone could be bothered to look inside they would see goods stacked up.



I've added a little 3d effect to this illusion, and eventually I will add a spot of paint to improve the look, a few figures and some more detailed goods closer to the entrance and a few delivery vehicles should improve the area further.





So there you have it, the area is slowly taking shape, though there are many more things to add, I'm thinking maybe a cattle platform, but this may make the area look too crowded??



I hope I have not bored you all too much, but just to on the sae side I will end this latest post, as always until the next time Happy Modelling :)


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