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Southport Area Manufr. of Power units Victor/Vector?


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Can any one  advise  me of  the  name  & contact  details  of  a Company in (I think Southport Lancs) who  makes   or  made Analogue  power units?


I think they used  to use brandnmames associated  with  aircraft > Victor  etc.


I am aware of Helsman in Blackpool  with whom I have  dealt  with in the  past


Thanks  for  any  info



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I think its Morley Controllers you are refering to. I have their Vesta controller for N Gauge.


Contact details are

MorleyControllers  POBox501 Southport PR9 9ZL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


01704 533 116 (UK)              




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