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Morgan Design - GWR Underframes

Blue Max

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I have just read the new MRJ mag and one of the adverts is for the Morgan Designs - GWR chassis kits. It gives a link www.morgandesign.info suggesting this will connect to their information pages.


I have tried this link which is not working, for me anyway. Has anyone else had success with this web site and if not is there any other way of contacting this supplier as I would like to see the full range of products to prepare an order.


I have tried to get on a number of advertised websites in recent months where the domain name suggested has clearly not been registered, as I am offered the option to buy the name myself. I am not suggesting for a minute that this is the case with the above mentioned supplier, but why do some companies insist in putting a web address in their adverts when they clearly have not got a registered web site and the links do not connect.

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I think his website is not yet set up, this is a quote from the latest instruction manual.

The whole range of 27 will be handled by myself, using a website as a shop window.
Please contact me, Brian Morgan at 9 Chy Pons, St.Austell, Cornwall, PL24 5DH tel (01726) 76461 or email at


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