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Hi, CC,


Yes, 'Wood' PVA is PVA, but you do tend to get what you pay for. My experience has been that Evostik 'Resin W' is very good and grabs fast on absorbent card and is relatively expensive in smaller quantities. I have a bottle [250ml] that is about half-used, over ten years old and has not gone mouldy or separated, I keep it mainly for bigger carcases and strangely enough, gluing wood!


My PVA of choice now is 'Anita's Tacky PVA Glue', at about £6 for 250ml it's as expensive as Resin W but is really tacky, as the name suggests but in truth we use very little, it lasts ages.


I use a 'Finetip' glue dispenser [ www.finetip.co.uk ], without which I could not do half the work I do half as neatly, without wasting a lot of glue.


I have a bottle of 'craft' quality PVA from Pound Shop, which I use neat to seal the edges of thicker card so that it doesn't starve the joint on subsequent assembly or for pre-coating laminated card components prior to sanding smooth as it stops the card going 'fluffy'.


In addition, I have discovered that Deluxe Materials 'Glue and Glaze' is about the only reliable adhesive to glue card to plastic strip or acrylic sheet successfully if you don't want to go down the super glue path, whereas PVA will crack away if mishandled.


Conversely, I have found their 'Roket' [sic] card glue to be messy, runny, expensive and sticky to use, it's only saving grace AFAIAC is that it can be introduced under the edge of acrylic window print-outs and allowed to spread by 'caterpillary action' and as it stays slightly flexible doesn't suddenly let go of the window glazing just after you have glued the roof on!


Any other queries, just ask or PM


Happy Modelling!



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As well as what he said up there.... The one glue I do find useful for cardboard is the Poundland 'No More Nails' equivalent, think its called Hard as Nails, its a PVA style with good grab that dries quickly, I use it for assembling major parts of structures.

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