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Replacement screw for Bachmann Mk2 bogie

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Hi guys,


I have made a bit of an error. Whilst investigating the height difference between Bachmann's Mk1 and Mk2 carriages I took the bogies off one of my Mk2 coaches to figure out how I can space them to give the coach a little more height. In the process I've dropped one of the screws. I've got excellent vision and I've spent a good 20 minutes looking for it in the area I saw it drop with no success. It was on a wood floor as well. I think I'll need a replacement.


Of course I'd imagine that Bachmann would be able to help but that would cost me a fair chunk of money just on postage. I was wondering if anyone knew if a non-proprietary screw was available that would fit? I would probably need a slightly longer one anyway once the bogie has been spaced. 


Many thanks for your assistance 

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