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Blog- Fourgig East - Let there be light

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I have a couple of days off this week whilst SWMBO takes the boys to camp and thought turned to the lighting rig for Fourgig.


I wanted it to be easy to assemble at a show and also needed to be modular so that most of it could also be used for my other layout Summat Colliery. As the layouts share the same legs modification of the legs to take a cantilevered lighting pelmet seemed the way to go.




I started by making new longer top cross members for the lauout supports then fixed some blocks to provide a guide for the uprights




Next I fitted some capping pieces to hold the uprights in place




then made the "gallows" to slot into the prepared guides


This was repeated another three times. Tomorrow I'll make up the pelmets to slot onto the "gallows"

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