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Hi all,


Welcome to the Beckton Light Railway's blog page.


Beckton is a large seaside resort on the east coast based on Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire, it has a standard gauge terminus near the town center and its own narrow gauge railway.


The BLR runs from the sandy beaches on the north side of Beckton, to the small fishing village of Addington to the south with a junction to another narrow gauge line through the Rifle valley to the town of Newton-on-Rifle.


Freight traffic on the line is very strong as the daily fish train runs from Addington docks to Beckton, and from the Rifle valley railway, there is a large amount of gravel and sand traffic from quarries around Newton to the cement concrete works at Middleton-on-Sea as well as the concrete trains to the dam under construction just beyond Newton, this is to become a hydroelectric power station to supply the valley.


The passenger trains are just as busy. Most of them leave Beckton Midland (The interchange with the main line) and travel to either Addington or Newton, their is also a tramway styled line from Beckton Midland to the beach, which is run using locomotives with side skirts because of street running, this is very popular with the younger visitors who like the trains, beaches and fish and chips!


That's the outline of the BLR and the RVR, more information coming later (hopefully a map!)






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