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DCC Concepts AD4/AD1's and Colour Lights?


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I'm just starting on the signalling for my layout and I'm wondering if the DCC Concepts AD1/ AD4 Accessory Decoders will work the colour light signals?

If so, can anyone provide me with a wiring diagram at all please?

The reason for the question is that I find them so easy to programme and operate and reasonably priced too.

I use a Lenz LH100 and a Lenz Compact as a slave, with a 5A Lenz transformer.

I'm going to be using the Cobalt point motors as well, although that will be done in stages at £20+ apiece!!!!!


Thanks in advance for any help


JInty ;-)

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i don't think they will

there is a module sold by dcc concepts by ldt which is specifically designed to drive colour lights signals for the british market. costs about £50 and depending on the complexity of the signal will drive up to 4 signals.  i have used these extensively and once you get the hang of them are easy to use.


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If your decoder can drive a tortoise or similar (which I think the AD series can) then it can drive a 2-aspect colour light signal made from a pair of LEDs in inverse parallel or a 2-leg bi-colour LED in a searchlight configuration with a suitable current limit resistor in series.


It is possible to connect other 2-aspect signals up too using steering diodes with the anodes connected to the common cathode (or cathodes connected to the common anode).

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No guessing or assumptions, I read the AD1/4 manual which clearly states....


Power Input: Direct from the DCC booster/track output or 12v DC

Output voltage: Appx 9.5 V DC with NMRA standard DCC track voltage


So its output is dc, its continuous and it's around 9.5 volts. This may mean a slightly lower value of series resistor might be needed in a LED lit signal over what is supplied for 12 volt working. But trial on the AD1/4 would prove the signal illumination brightness.


But do remember unlike many accessory decoders the AD1/4 only has one pair of outputs which flip their polarity unlike most acc. decoders that have three outputs + - and C.

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