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Whiddon Valley Shunting


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This is my 00 shunting layout, that I've been exhibiting today in Ilfracombe, which I've been building with the help of my Dad.


The layout features a small platform, goods siding and eventually a small engine depot. All of the track is Peco 00 and operated using my Dad's old Bachmann Dynamis DCC. Most of the locos, coaches and wagons are my Dad's but I have a few locos myself which are also run. We still need to fit point motors and add lights. Also, today, we realised that the fiddle yard needs to be made longer, so will need to make an extension board.


I also like model cars and lorries, so there are plenty to see!


Most of the buildings are Scalescenes, which need to be finished. The bridge is made from foam board and has then been covered with Metcalf brick paper.


We still have plenty to do and will add more photos when we get some more work finished.




















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Kept that one quiet Jnr, its nice, lots of Blue stuff and room for action, how big is it?


Dads got competition for the shows or get a bigger car for 2 Layouts to Warley in 2015 :locomotive: :locomotive: :locomotive:

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We didn't get chance to get anymore work done on the layout - spend too long in the garden.

Most of the work is my sons', with some assistance from me and guidance where needed.

Thanks for all of your comments though, much appreciated.


Probably won't get much chance over the weekend, between helping at Cub camp, model railways show in Bideford and F1 to watch ....

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