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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Additions to the Motive Power Fleet (More Numbers for the Spotters)

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Well today was quite a productive day on the modelling front, and has seen a lot of progress on the locomotive fleet for my layout, and further expansion of my "industrial language" vocabulary. My intention today was to spend some time on the more pressing jobs that need to be done on the layout, for example the storage yard, or tidying up the electrics, but like a big kid, I spent my time working on may engines :)


As seen in a previous blog entry I have been working on various locomotives to add to the fleet, these had got to the stage where they required numbering, well today I finalised the numbers to be used and as result, out came the transfers. Many happy hours were spent, trying to get these lined up straight before they were sealed with a little satin varnish (actually it was hell, those GWR lads have it easy with the nice cast number plates :)).


The results of my labours and frustrations, are as follows, apologies for the picture quality (I need to start using our digital camera, instead of using my phone)



4F number 4450, enters service, it wont belong before she loses here pristine finish.



Fairburn 4P number 2678, looks smart in her unlined black (windows, painted buffer beams, hoses and crew to be added)



3F number 7475 is looking a lot cleaner that her classmates seen in the area.



Stannier 4P number 2484 nears completion, I think she may end up being lined?


I must admit I am pretty happy with the progress on the above but I have a feeling work on these may grind to a standstill as any future modelling time will have to be spent on the other outstanding jobs. However I have managed to complete a couple of 4F's which have been suitably weathered and I have even completed a foreign loco, a J39.







Looking at the J39, I'm not sure on the finish on this so it may enter the paintshop again, and I have even managed to bend one of its handrails, as usual I did not notice this until I was looking at the picture.



While the loco's were drying today I placed them in the goods yard on the layout, am I the only one thinking perhaps and engine shed diorama might be a good idea, purely just as a place to store my engines..........I better go now until I add to what appears to be an endless list of jobs, until next time happy modelling :)


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