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Ladies and gents.


Knowing we have a wealth of experience and as many opinions as there are members I'd like to pose a question arising from a degree of dissatisfaction here.


When image hosting first got going on the internet I opened a Photobucket account in preference to Fotopic simply because I felt more comfortable with the look and feel of that site.  As things turned out I'm glad I made that decision!


Over time Photobucket changed, became slower and somewhat clunky and sometimes simply refused to upload anything at all.  After too many frustrations and checking out the "opposition" I chose to then go with Smugmug rather than Flickr again because I felt the site better met my needs and appeared to offer greater control over protection of my work from potential online theft.


Both accounts are paid for because of the volume of material hosted.  


Lately Smugmug has become very erratic and slow.  It fails to upload and fails to display images both linked from other sites and even on my own home page at the host site.  Followers of my work here might have experienced the same black squares where there should be a picture that I see too often now.


I shall maintain both accounts as to rehost and then to edit every post I have ever made with new links is unfeasible.  The cost is not great and is not an issue - after all I am getting a service in return for my money.


But with both those sites now routinely slow or unresponsive seemingly at random and with Smugmug typically taking both an hour to upload even a 10-second video of perhaps 20MB then "processing" it for three days before finally admitting the upload has failed I am over that level of service and would value the opinions of other users on both those two sites and of whether it is time to admit that there is only one serious player and to join Flickr.


Over to you.

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Trouble is, Flickr is rubbish now. It works, but the interface has become a nightmare. If you are just using it to host pics for elsewhere it might be OK.

Several Flickr friends like Ipernity but think I'm moving to MS Onedrive for my hosting of images for use elsewhere. It doesn't allow all of the captioning and commenting of image hosting sites, but is reliable and can host any file types.

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