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Manual operation of points and frog switching


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Hi folks, I have been slowly building my layout based on operations around the Buxton area in the 1989-1991 period and have got as far as completing the track and wiring in the bus-bars and track feeds. I am using Peco code 75 track and have modified the points so that the frog is completely isolated and the stock and switch rails have been bonded across already before the points were laid.


As all of the points would be manually operated using a push-rod linkage my initial idea was to use the Peco PL-13 switches. But having laid the first few and having problems with them I am wondering should I stop using these and instead use some SPDT slide switches instead and mount these on the underside of the board and connect one end to the point tie-bar using brass rod and connect the other end to the push-rod as planned. I have read a couple of threads on here and elsewhere that basically say to avoid using the PL-13s unless they are mounted to the point motors as intended. The throw of the switch is greater than the throw of the point itself and leaves far to much slop my my liking. So whilst I am at the stage where I can start again I wanted to see what others say.


I have seen some miniature SPDT switches on that popular auction site and they are described as 0.5A - 50V - would these be suitable. I will wire in the existing droppers coming down from the stock and switch rail bonds (red and black wires) and the middle terminal will run to the frog itself (blue wire).


Any help most gratefully received


Cheers Paul

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