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Blog- Northall - Ince & Mayhew?s factory ? part 2

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First an introduction to the factory in the background of the diorama. Darrel Fincher is working here as a metal worker. In the archives of the Northall Gazette I found an interesting article about the factory.




Modelling progress (I had some extra time):

I’m very content with the use of bookbinding glue. Althought it is a little more work the result is much better. With PRITT glue I had always parts that I had to glue again. Applying a thin coat of bookbinding glue gives a good result.

I used the method described in the last entry.




Although I had printed all factory sheets on Lana Dessin paper, I decided to use another kind of paper for the concrete ledge cover layers. For them I used Hahnemühle watercolour paper 150 g/m2 rough. This paper is acid free and age resistant.

If you have a look on the internet for hand colouring inkjet papers you will see that they advise also the use of watercolour paper for starting professional photographers who want to do some hand colouring on black and white pictures.

I believe it trying out different kind of papers for card modelling can give some surprising results. I don’t know of the difference is to see on the picture. The watercolour paper has much more structure and a far deeper colour. I think my cartridges will go empty a little bit quicker, but that is worth it.




The two lighter ones are printed on Lana Paper.

Below a picture of the modelling progress of the factory at this moment.




Next step will be the weathering of the front of the factory and making some thouhts about how to do the finishing of the windows.

To be continued.




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