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Trackside Signs

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Whist at the recent York show I stopped by the busy stand belonging to Trackside Signs for a look as I was looking for some custom station signs to go on my fictitious 7mm layout called St. Davids. Find actual prototype signs was impossible due to the station never existing although there were plans to bring the railway to St. Davids.


I managed to get the attention of the guy behind the stand and  it was quickly agreed that he could print just about anything on to a sign I needed.


Can you do St. Davids for me and a few other custom signs. Yep, no problems and after a few forms were filled out so they knew exactly what I wanted and having paid went away quite happy with my order.


It was agreed it would take around two weeks for them to be delivered and in between ordering and delivery a proof of design would be e mailed to me to confirm my requirements before actual printing took place.  One week later an e mail popped into my inbox with proofs of the design I had asked for and for me they were spot on. Any changes could be done then but for me it was a case of just replying saying everything was ok.


Week two and the sheets arrived with them looking exactly like they did in the proofs. The finish is excellent with them being between dull, not matt and shiny. The Western Region chocolate brown colour looked good with the text crisp and well spaced. They are pre-cut on the sheets so makes removing them easy and applying them even easier.


I would suggest you look at the range of colours, styles, sizes / scales they do as well as lots of other nice goodies such as totems which I will be ordering off them shortly.


Their web site is www.tracksidesigns.co.uk
















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