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Blog- Highclere - 2mm Finescale - Mini Update

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Hello :)


I feel its time for an update as its been a while. I haven't been upto much modelling really, the majority of my spare time has been taken up with trying to finish off my van as I made myself a new years resolution to finish it off this year.


Things haven't ground to a halt though, first bit of modelling in this entry goes to the King Arthur tender...




As in a previous post this has been virtually rebuilt from scratch, the initial intention was to tidy it up a little with a repaint and a bit of detailing but as expected I couldn't leave it at that. The bogies have been replaced with some etched ones, the whole tender has been narrowed so it resembles something near scale now, and now the motor has been replaced...


As the floor of the tender is a solid sheet I had to think of a way to remove the motor easily so I came up with this, the motor mount holds the motor in position and is screwed to the tender base from underneath. The coal can then be stuck to the Brass sheet soldered to the top of the motor mount. I really hope the engine doesn't need as much attention as this!


Second on my workbench is a Chris Higgs Autocoach chassis...


The kit solders together well but sadly it lacks some detail so I took up the challenge. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all the rods, brackets, and linkages though!


'till next time...


Missy :)

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