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If you're new to the forum this is an ideal place to introduce yourself.



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Greetings Everyone


As I'm new to this forum here is my introduction.....


Some years ago I had a train set, a Tri-ang affair with a black plastic battery box and grey plastic track..... that was then retired in favour of the more realistic brown sleeper type track but the loco (a Princess Elizabeth) and an additional Jinty carried on until they went into the attic for a well deserved rest in the mid 70's


Now I'm retired and have the opportunity to start again. New track and a new controller and a bit of a service and both locos are now back on the rails.


So, now the fun begins, a new layout to display my locos is needed so I've got a big job ahead and only about 4 square m to do it all in.


Passions include scratch building, building and enhancing/detailing models, refurbing locos, detailing locos, lighting and so on and on.


As I missed out on Trix (too poor for that kind of stuff and then not available for that kind of stuff) I now collect Trix, mainly the later plastic stuff but some cast locos as well which I have converted to two rail. Next challenge is to DCC them.


I also have a number of Live Steam locos to incorporate into the layout, should prove entertaining....


Serious pash for the real thing too, went to the Great Gathering and the Great Goodbye, did the photo sessions at both and got the locos, the t-shirt etc etc.


Anyway, if there ain't steam in heaven I ain't going


Farewell fer now




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Welcome to the forum!
You'll get all sorts of help and support here. Trust me! :jester:  I would love to see anything you've scratchbuilt as its something i do occasionally aswell.



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