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Last week, the editorial team sat in a small meeting room for a day and threw around some ideas. Out of this will appear, as if by magic, a rough plan for the next six months or so of BRM content.


As the practical one on the team, this sort of forward planning is excellent news. I now have a big list of projects to work on. Some are quickies that will only take a few hours. Others are far more involved jobs including a new layout.


Knowing what I'm doing and when it needs to be completed is essential as I'll need to get all the materials required in stock as quickly as possible. Even with modern communications and on-line shopping, there are always bit and pieces you can't easily pick up. As the show season winds down for the summer lull, I won't be able to rely on taking a trip out at the weekend to buy some finishing touch items either.


Luckily, I do have an excellent local model shop and being based in the middle of the country, it's reasonably easy to hop in the car and find at least two others within an hours drive.


At least I can start the shopping now. Waiting on the postman for a vital item with a deadline approaching isn't a lot of fun – trust me, I've been there. And why is it that when you are in a hurry, the post always takes a day or two longer to arrive. Mind you, there are bits I ordered for Edgeworth months ago that are still yet to appear!

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