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Blog- bgman's Blog - What's in your boxes Pt. IV

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This is starting to become a habit !


So.........more boxes and memories which I hope the good members of this parish don't mind me posting.


First off.........My attempt at producing some mixed gauge track in the GWR change over period with a hare brained idea that it might make track laying easier ? Oh! How wrong I was ( I don't think Margate or Beer manufacturers have anything to worry about!)







A master was made about 12" long and then a flexible ? rubber mould was made of this.

The chosen casting medium was a two part plastic which seemed to work but I wasn't convinced with the final product, mainly due to the curing process ( which is only about 10 minutes) however, some pieces would have a slight bow and also it wasn't easy to keep the gauge right with the albeit slight shrinkage.

Ah well back to the drawing board !


Next up ..........My very first scratch built locomotive , a Bristol & Exeter Railway Avonside Engine Co.

4-4-0 which operated all over the South west. Bit of an ugly brute but that's what I love about it.








And finally for now........... My unfinished model of a BG Rover ( these make me drool- no apologise ) with a motor in the tender and DCC chip. It's lovely watching the tender whizz off along the test track on its own!!







Right that's it for now.......this place is full of boxes any I can't get through!


Happy modelling


p.s. Please excuse the quality of the photos ( iPad jobby I'm afraid)

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