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Bill Bedford motor mount


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I have a old wills Caledonian 0 6 0 tank loco currently fitted with the X04 filling up the cab, now I know if I fitted a new chassis rather than the triang/Hornby lump chassis I could have a nice gearbox But......

What I am thinking of useing is a shorter motor, not really interested in going down the modern Hornby small motor fitted in the Hornby B12

But I have some Bill Bedford Motor Mounts for the X04 part no CES 013

Any one got a ideal what motor is supposed to fit the mount as it's nice and short giving a clear cab

Thanks I advance as it's not currantly listed anywhere I can find on the web

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Oops sorry I have just shaken the mount around in the packaging to find up one end which was under the card the words DS10 think this might answer my question

If a moderator can remove my question before I look to dumb to everyone ! Please

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