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4mm Intermediate bulk containers, wanted to buy some, but now made them!

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Intermediate bulk container (IBC) or IBC Tote or Pallet Tank, "a reusable industrial container designed for the transport and storage of bulk liquid" thats what wikipedia says anyway!


Has anyone noticed how many of these are around nowadays? they seem to be everywhere,


these things....




I was hoping to buy some 4mm ones, I think Bachmann do some (44-508 TMD Accessories) but I couldn't find any good images of them and this set is quite expensive.

other than that i haven't found any more, anyone know of any?


So I decided to make some simple paper ones, I found the specs on line and drew up a scale drawing, size for a 330 gal is 48x40x46 inch


then In photoshop I scaled a photo to make side front top images and made a fold up one




I haven't actually got round to making any of these up yet as I started to have other ideas.


following on from my thread here,


I thought I'd better make some


I was looking at some stretched alloy mesh, by stretching the holes square I thought I could make the sides out of that,




might work, but then I found mesh from a budget homebase bird feeder, £1.50, this was about twice the size I needed (good for an O gauge model anyway!)




this mesh seems to be ready tinned and solders really well, so with some brass wire, solder and some superglue I filled in all the missing rails.

(I think you could probably leave it as above for some as there are loads of designs.)




the more I made the straighter they got!

I'm ignoring the fact the wire gauge is well oversize, I'm hoping some blending in with overspray will disguise it.

the plastic lower pallet was easier, 3 narrow strips of plasticard and 2 strips the width of a pallet.




I cut it to pallet lengths and flied grooves across then shaped the corners,




the actual plastic container I made from laminated strips of basewood cut into a block with the corners rounded, then a groove filed across the top and a bit of countersink to represent the filler hole.





I then painted these white car primer and painted a fill level round them with acrylic to represent the fluid inside. I used mainly blue or black. Antifreeze and oil I thought?

It was then glued together and the last two straps glued across the top.

the whole thing then got a light coating of car primer grey and white from a distance to tone them down. A spot of red on top for the filler and I added a tiny piece of wire at the lower edge where I had left one bar out for the tap.


the last part was to cut the front panel and a warning notice from my paper ones and glue them on.


Here they are in random piles outside my depot....




and round the corner near the other shed.




Well, I was quite pleased with them and it was an enjoyable break from other things making them.


Hope its useful to others too



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Common, not just in factories and depots for bulk chemicals, but on farms, allotments and market gardens to store rainwater. They're used, amongst other things, for imported fruit juice concentrate. I think, when I looked, you could pick one up for about £200, which works out about half the price per litre of one of the subsidised water butts from the local council/water company.

The models are very convincing, btw.

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