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LMS Motive Power Depot (Planning stages)


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 Evening/Morning/Afternoon everyone.


I've been in the planning stage for making a layout for the past few years. gone through many designs varying from Terminus Stations to Through Stations & and even Branch lines.

But nothing has really clicked.
Either the plan was too ambitious and complicated or i just simply didn't have the room.


Until now...


I think I've finally settled on making a Motive Power Depot layout.


Doesn't take up too much room and i would be able run all my locos where if i modelled a branch line i wouldn't be able to run my Big Express engines on it.

So having set my mind on the type of layout i wanted i set out to try and find a plan i liked and could work with the space i had.


Unfortunately I wasn't able to find anything that worked (I had limited resources aswell).


Was about pack it in until i saw a plan for Leamington Spa.

It had everything i wanted in this layout:

  • Dead End 4 road engine shed
  • A Coal Stage with a ramp
  • And sidings next to the sheds for Locos awaiting Repairs etc.

So aside from it's GWR heritage I was really Chuffed!  :locomotive:(Punpunpun!)


So here is my current plan (Subject to change)






The layout will measure 4000mm x 800mm


The idea is to have a road bridge separating the Scenic area from the fiddle yard.

Designed with Code 100 track but might use Code 75, we'll see.


I'm not sure what i should put in the top left corner on the Scenic area. I was thinking Carriage sidings or a Goods Yard. (If you have any ideas please suggest them)




P.S. If you know of any LMS sheds/MPD to a similar Design or with the things mentioned about, please post down below. Would be appreciated :)








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How about a double track for entry/exit?


The space could a brand new single road diesel fueling point, or a diesel depot under construction.

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There are a couple of good books (Maybe a long time out of print) that could assist you.

Bradford Barton produced 'London Midland Steam on Shed' Vol 1 & 2


They will provide loads of inspiration for you.


Bill Hudson has one on his website for £6





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Thanks guys.


@ JeffP - I'm not sure how i would incorporate a second entry track and it not being an overly big Depot i don't there would sufficient traffic for two tracks.

               Not overly keen on the idea of a diesel fuel point, i'm trying to steer clear of Diesels, as that what i model for Victorian Railways (hence profile picture).

               But thanks for the suggestions.


@ Karl - Thanks for that will definitely look into getting a copy of that book.


@ Will - Not a bad idea. Will take it into consideration.  :good:

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It's a good idea - have a look at my thread on Waverley Shed ( link in my signature)  and you'll see I've gone through a similar journey.


I think the key in an MPD Model is not to try to squeeze in too much.


Good luck with it and I'll keep watching with interest





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@Peter : I Like what you're doing with your layout. I very much understand about not cramming too much in but i feel there's a fairly large space that needs that i'd like to have something in.

               Whether this be sidings or a building or two. it just needs something...


@ Steve : Due to living in Aus, Peco track is much more readily available. I probably will end up using Code 75. assuming the flanges on my locos aren't too deep for the rail depth.

                 As much as i'd love to use scale track the Peco stuff is much easier to come by over here and i won't need to worry about shipping costs etc...


Thanks for your interest guys :)

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I don't know, I'm stuck in work and the files are on the hard drive at home, I'll have a look tonight and see what i have got, although with over 10,000 files it can take a bit of time! Now would they be in the BR or LNER section of the archive???


Andy g

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Sorry to disappoint but there's nothing in there. What I have got though is an article written by Bob Essery on how locos were processed at mpd's... Would you like a copy? Pm me your email if you would.


Andy G

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possible shed (you did say LMS) plans:


Aston, a little on the large size

Buxton, without the sidings

Camden, no, everybody is doing it

Coventry (1920 track plan) looks good

Holyhead (1930 track plan) looks good

Lees (1953 track plan) boring

Market Harborough (1944 track plan) single entry under a road bridge, interesting shed

Monument Lane and Northampton, both a little on the large size

Oxenholme, now there is a challenge

Rhyl, possible

Sutton Oak (1957 track plan) maybe a slice of it

Swansea (1954 track plan) but with a four road shed, single entry road

Whitchurch (1940 track plan) worth a second look

Widnes (1957 track plan) another challenge


with thanks to Chris Hawkins and George Reeves


for what it's worth, my money is on:


a four road version of Widnes (1957 track plan of course), wrapped in main lines, cramped site, you tick the boxes, still looks good,


also there is a web site which details it - http://www.8dassociation.btck.co.uk/WidnesLocomotiveShed8D, google earth shows the site well, although greatly changed.


Also this great web site: http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/features/widnes_loco_shed/index.shtml

I found this site later, and as a result deleted all my attachments and inserted a couple from that site, interesting story about the wagon over the wall.




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compare the two layouts, understanding that Widnes has been shrunk (turntable size is the scaler) to fit, however a rough calc from the 1957 track plan puts the baseboard size (not including fiddle) at 2640X1056 in 4mm scale.

The site is very interesting, with the shed framed with the high level lines to the north side, and the sweeping lines in the foreground.

If you got excited, a double level fiddle yard on the right, plus a small head shunt on the left could make for some very good light engine movements.


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