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Code 100 or 95 Copper Clad Points


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I have  a lot of ready made copper clad points that have been lifted from an old layout. The rail is bullhead and  is code 100 or could be 95. The tie bar is black fibre and the electrical switch is different to the code 75 SMP point (also bought ready made) in the foreground in the first two pics. The timbers are narrower than the SMP, also.  I wonder what make these components are?


The good thing about cooper clad track is that even Hornby Dublo vehicles will run on it, even that with  code 75 rails, because there is no chair or solder on the inside of the rails.




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They were made by Ray Rippon of Southend. I had a few on a layout in the late 60's, early 70's until I started making my own.


As built there would have been a fine wire going from the centre of the tie bar switch along the tops of the sleepers to the first sleeper beyond the isolating gap.

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