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Blog- The GC and Met in OO - A Coronation Tank (2)

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When I first decided I wanted to model my A5 in early LNER condition, I thought that the lining would be quite an easy proposition. GCR-style lining for black locomotives was simply red panel edging and white-black-white lining, right? Well, as it turns out that is right, but when the LNER went for GCR 'style' they meant just that, the 'style'. Not the thing and the whole of the thing. Let me explain.


In John Quick's GCR liveries book there are some excellent colour panels which show how the GCR lined their locomotives, and my first action was to pull the book out and look them up. Red panel edging and white-black-white lining. Now to find a locomotive that actually wore that lining in LNER ownership.


The relevant green bible was consulted. The only loco of the right date and livery photographed there is #5165, caught at Neasden in 1926. Problem with this loco is that it is fitted for oil firing.... and my model isn't. But even though the loco isn't suitable, it still poses a problem. Let's look at the lining. Yes, it's GCR style. However, let's look a little closer. Boiler bands.... white-black-white. Panel edging... red. Panel lining.... red-black-white.




Wait, what?!? What about the white-black-white panel lining?


Clearly more investigation was required. E M Johnson's "Locomotives of the Great Central Railway" was consulted. Volume two yielded a nice photo of an LNER built A5, but it had the wrong cab for my model. Volume one brought up two photos of roughly 1923-24 date. Both have GCR-style lining, both have red boiler bands and white-black-white panel lining.


Handily, one of them is firmly dated to 1923/24. LNER #7, built February 1923 and renumbered 5007 a year later. So, this is the identity (and livery) given to my model.


I think she wears it very well.






As is my usual fashion, lining was drawn using paint pens and HMRS pressfix transfers supplied the lettering and numbering.


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