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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Whats In A Name (Help Its Been A Year And Still No Name)

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Well I got to spend a few hours today working on the layout, while other people were out baking in the sun. The aim of the session today was to hopefully corss a few jobs if the following list.


1. Finally name the Pub on the raised street behind the goods yard and attach the relevant signage.

2. Finish the scratch built delivery wagon for the local merchant "Mr I. Deal Coke and Coal".

3. Look at adding some detail to the stable area in the above merchants yard.

4. Add the name boards to the "Morgan Meats" abattoir.

5. Add a raised platform, and shed to the goods yard (inspired by a poisons/explosives store I remember seeing a prototype picture of).

6. Paint a few cows into more appropriate breeds for the 40's not the breaded Black and White Friesian :)



So lets see how I managed to get on..........

Job 1.

The Pub is named the "Railway" how original, signs courtesy of a well known Railway mag, all I need now is a few drunks outside (another job for the list)




Job 2

Not quite finished, as it needs a little painting to the horse and wagon, but 99% complete??




Job 3.

The intended stable area in the "I. Deal" coke yard, is now the business premises of the local Monumental stone mason and coffin maker, yet to be named, but business is booming as the headstones and coffin waiting customers suggest?




Job 4

The name boards were hand painted and fitted, close up they are not brilliant, but from a distance like most of my work they look better,



At some point I will replce these with ones completed on my computer, that reminds me I need to but a printer...




Job 5

The basic addition to the goods yard was completed, and an appropriate shed attached, the photo's I recall seeing had the doors on runners to I have attempted to replicate this, and because they are so much fun to make, a stack of boxes appeared along side.




The one thing I have yet to decide is if I should make the flat platform area a small cattle pen, just big enough to hold the "Morgan Meats" consignments, before they are drove to the factory ??



Another job to do is paint the "white" corners a more suitable colour.


Job 6

I managed to paint 6, but they are really camera shy :) (I have painted them I just could not get the photo to upload)


Job 7.

I FAILED, AGAIN :) your help on this would be really appreciated, as I cant keep referring to it and "Its Grim Up North" which in the name on my thread on the Layout forum.


So as I type this, you could say I had a productive day, but as always you end up creating yet more jobs as you go along, its fun this railway modelling, anyway must go now, as In a scene reminiscent of Jurassic Park, the Domestic Overlord is approaching, until next time Happy Modelling :)


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