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Unfortunately the image is too big to upload, but yesterday my fellow modeller came round and while his partner went to check out the delights of the High Street (a better one than the one they have), we cut the board for upper layer.


Due to a couple of other things that needed to be done during the week we first had to mark out the cutting lines. The track had been marked out on the board and so we marked out lines one inch from the outer line of the track. In the end that meant a 9 mm gauge ends up as a 3 inch width.


Two reasons:


1. You can cut a bit off

2. You need some space to attach the scenery


There is also carriage overhang to consider, this is HOe, with 291mm curves so not generous....


Anyway, I'll get a shrinkable picture tomorrow and post that.


Next up, getting cork strip glued to the track path, this needs some cutting as the curves are tight.


As I now have lots of off cuts, I will recycle those into supports for the upper level.


Another job is to paint the cork under the track I laid earlier grey, so as to mask any gaps in the ballasting to come...


So many jobs, too many hours to spend in the office!


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