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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Whats In A Name - Warning May Contain a Rant (HA I Think I've Cracked It)

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Well after spending a bit of time doing the some serious research (Armchair modelling) I think I have come up with a suitable name for the Station/Layout.


Now this my not be as successful as I think, as we have got two tropical fish named "Pickles" and "Wholegrain" named because I like Pickled Onions, and the waste product of Wholegrain, looked like wholegrain Spaghetti to me...anyway I digress.


I will not reveal the name just yet, but as the Station has a branch I think the name boards will ready "XXXXXXX Change For XXXXXX", I have a little more work to do on completing the signs but I should have something produced by the end of the week. While I'm at it I have decided to work the a replacement for the "morgan Meats" sign, so these should be completed and printed without any major fuss.



So hopefully the platforms of "XXXXXXXXXX" will have name boards fitted and at last the passengers will at last be able to buy ticks from and to their destinations.




Now time for a little rant, is it just me, but when your expecting a parcel delivered via the post, even if you are in the house at the time of the original attempted delivery you cant hear the knock at the door, and then miss the delivery and have to go through all the fuss of going to the sorting office.


When those people gainfully employed putting reams of takeaway menu's through your door go about your business the noise they make is like the prelude to the apocalypse. Then when you catch them in the act of posting these phone book sized tomes through your letterbox, rather than the 9 foot Barbarian miscreant you expect, it turns out to be a OAP Granny, with one of those "tartan" clad wheeled shopping trolleys.


Maybe this is what's happened to the four Horseman, maybe while their backs were turned, their trusty steeds where converted to Supermarket Lasagne, and they have been forced to look for alternatives, if I see four "mo-bo" carts coming towards me I'm off to repent lol.


Well I'm off now to deliver the equivalent of a small rainforest full of takeaway menu's through the letterboxes of the establishments that have very kindly sent them to me. Its the small things in life that make you happy........ :) Until the next time Happy Modelling :)


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