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Whilst out photographing last week I happened to notice that I was being watched intently by a great tit and wondered why.






Now my senses were tuned to the birds, rather than filtering them out, I realised I could hear noises of young birds - now I understood why the adult was watching me - somewhere the babies lurked.


I watched the bird fly to the main supporting post for the level crossing gates at the location, there was a redundant hole through the post where at one time the bolts which held the gates would have been located (I think) but now the birds had taken advantage of it






Whilst I was waiting for the stone train, the birds entertained me and boy did they have to work, the adults were backwards and forwards continuously with tasty morsels for the young - the photos are cropped a bit but I was only a few feet from them, one adult wasn't bothered at all, the other was hesitant but still went to the nest.








Read that sign carefully Mr GT





There wasn't enough light around for me to use a very fast shutter and capture the adults in flight, this is about the best I got











Mum and dad arrive with the shopping





I should be back at the location next week - I'll see how things are progressing and report back.

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Nice photos Beast.


Every year, I watch the birds in our garden going through the same ritual from my office window. The young ones perch on the fence while their mums and dads fly all of 40cm or so to the bird feeder and then bring the feed back to their little ones. I'm sure they're quite capable of flying to the feeder themselves, but if you've got staff why bother?




Once or twice a year a sparrowhawk or kestrel swoops down and takes one of them away. I find it a bit hard to take but I guess birds of prey have hungry mouths to feed too. Can't help feeling protective towards "my brood" though.


Looking forward to your updates to see how "your" young family are getting on.




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Hi Dave,

They are great photos and its interesting just where birds find to nest.

This pic was taken last year at our house at the end of the verandah. A noisy mynah family was in the wisteria and the nest building was awful but Mum and Dad raised 3 chicks very successfully.  




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