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Procor Molasses Tanks - Ex Caustic Soda tanks

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Hi all,


More info sought.....


Weight Diagram TT049E




Wagon numbers - PR58601 - 58660


Any one with more accurate information regarding these wagons - please ffel free to post on here!


It would be useful to have some correct dimensions - rather than just judge and measure from the weight diagram.


Photos would also be useful as there are not many on line!


Best information source is taken from:-


"The Standard Railway Wagon Co. Haywood Works, History, Wagon build and personal experience by David W. Tandy" published by Ty Mawr Publications, ISBN 9 780955 235429


Other dimensions given on the ga drawing are:
Height from railhead to top overall       11' 3 3/4"
Wheelbase                                         16'
Length over headstocks                       25' 8"
Length over buffers                             29' 1


So - what is the barrel diameter?



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Here's one at Severn Tunnel Junction in 1984. I've lightened the shadows a bit for detail. If you want the original scan, drop me a PM.

Edit: did you find Paul Bartlett's at http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/procormolasses, including a link to the Distillers destination. But where did the traffic come from?


Maybe you can take a guess the barrel diameter from the 47 if nothing else turns up? 



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