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Blog- Yet another GWR branch! (Shipston-on-Stour) - The 48XX Project

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Yesterday I received the 14XX chassis kit from Comet. So now I have two Airfix 14XX locos and one chassis. The scope of the project is to make one locomotive bearing a pre-1946 GWR number in the 48XX series.Here are the two locos and the Comet kit:




The recently purchased GWR 14XX is in reasonable condition but not complete:




The original BR 14XX I purchased new many years ago with front buffer beam damage and many bits missing:




The Comet kit includes motor, gearbox, wheels, crankpins as well as the etched fret:




The rest of the photos shows a series of putting together the basic frame, using Comet's invaluable frame assembly jig. I usually spring my hornblocks but in this case I have decided not to.


The first shows drilling out the brake hanger holes to 0.75mm:




Next, the frames are in the jig and the spacers are being prepared:






The last five show stages of soldering the frame spacers:












As a test, the frames sit square on our glass dining table surface, so on to the next stage. . . .

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