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I've reserved an area behind the main platform for an allotment, a feature I've always enjoyed modelling and seeing done on other layouts. For this one, I had a bigger space than usual, a long, narrow strip, but which is on rising ground and partially hidden behind the signal box, goods shed and so on, depending on viewing angle.


I prepared the basic area using foam, followed by plaster and a layer of texturing paint to simulate soil. In the past I've achieved the effect of vegetables and so on by using different scenic materials, but in this case I noticed that Busch did a plastic kit for different types of produce. I bought one of the kits and spent an evening assembling the different vegetables, including cabbages, cauliflowers and so on. Although the kit is good, I needed more for the area so I bought another two packs ... and there matters rested for a year or two until I was in the right frame of mind to finish off the produce. In the meantime, I also bought a Noch laser-cut set for trellises, which were easy to assemble, and finally a small pack of pots, trays and so on to add some details. The tool-sheds and lock-ups were resin castings purchased from Warley. I fixed the whole lot down with dilute PVA, then added a weathering wash to tone down the plastic parts.






I've got a Dart Castings gardener to add, and I'd like to include some tools lying around, maybe a rabbit or two, but I don't want to overdo the scene with too much human activity going on.

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