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Latest ZIMO 37/4 with multi start


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Hi all
Recently purchased the latest ZIMO 37/4 DigiDrive V4.0 with Multi Start. It uses a completely new recording from the previous versions. I used 2 different test chassis to evaluate it. One has an ABC Bass reflex in the tanks + a Bass enhanced under the Grille. The other has twin 23mm Soundtraxx in a sealed tank enclosure. 
This latest decoder has only one set of sound files on it for a refurbed 37 - 37/4 etc. 
First impressions, it "growls really well" when used on both chassis, and has excellent drive-ability when using the F6 coast button, F7 power button, and the one SS drop up/down option.
It also has a few added functions, like Wagon buffering/clanking, engine primer, with hot or cold start options.

Sound wise, for me, this is easily the best Zimo 37 to date. 
Well recommended


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I assume you are talking about the Digitrains Class 37 on ZIMO decoders?


I'm glad you like the improvements, I'm always looking to increase driveability/immersion, and your feed back is very encouraging


The reason why there is a 37/4 and a 37/0 version now instead of being combined as in the Multi-Drive* versions is that most people know which type of loco they will be equipping, and the sounds sets freed up by this allow the sounds to be switched, in real time, between normal and thrash modes and sounds.


* Multi-Drive versions are still available from Digitrains and have recently been upgraded so that the non-manual notching sounds are very responsive to throttle changes, similar to the more recent 'DigiDrive' versions.


Other suppliers have Class 37 on ZIMO, but don't confuse them with my projects which are currently only available from Digitrains, who don't charge extra for adding uk sounds to new ZIMO decoders.


In total, there are 3 or 4 different Class 37 projects of mine on ZIMO decoders from Digitrains, and soon to be another from RAIL EXCLUSIVE, which is useful if you have a fleet of 37s and want some variations between them, but with basically the same F key sound assignments; an idea now being considered by suppliers of other brands for the future, reportedly.


Kind regards,



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Looking forward to the rail Exclusive dcc 37 sound!!


cheers neil.. :sungum:


The project is undergoing 'acceptance trials' at the moment. I has been designed to incorporate many of the new features that the Northern Belle Class 47 project has.


The NB pair (a few left for purchase) and DRS (these are sold out, waiting list available) 47s are this year's major releases for RAIL EXCLUSIVE , so it's befitting that the new features launch with these models. Release date for the 37 has not yet been decided.


Why not let RE know of your interest, plans sometimes change?


Kind regards,



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