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Layout planning help


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Gents….I'm starting construction of my next layout and need some help.


I'm almost finished the baseboards…3 boards each 4ft x 1ft….I'm figuring about 8-8 1/2 feet of scenic area and the rest to sector plate/fiddle yard. As you can see i'll have plenty of room to play with.


In typical MTI format I'll probably multi-mode both in locale (NA and UK) and timeframe (grouping to 1960). HO/OO.


What I'm looking for is either a nice, not-overly crowded with track, harbour/port layout…I was thinking something that might be used with and without a car-float.


So I've gone through my collection of MTI, #s 15-112 and my track planning books including Rices books but haven't seen anything that I'm totally thrilled with, I did see a couple that I might use…but they aren't my first choice.


Any suggestions or help would be gratefully appreciated.




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