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Blog- Ideas for starting off 1st large layout! (cheap) - The background!

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Hello everyone, I am 17 and have been playing with model trains my entire life, I was playing with my Grandad's layout when I was really young! I used to have some simple Hornby track ect when I was quite young as well, When It came to my 8th (I think) Christmas my Grandad and Uncle supplied me with a Baseboard with track attached and everything, It was a dream come true, It was only a simple layout but it was mine (and my younger brothers) The layout consisted of a double track loop and 2 sidings. I used to use it daily! The layout is in my garden wood shed now because I moved house almost 2 years ago and it wouldn't fit up the stairs! So now I want to build a large cheap layout that can be taken down for when I leave home, I would like to have buildings and everything and all sorts of rolling stock on the layout! So if anyone would like to put forward any idea's or anything it would be greatly appreciated


Many Regards




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