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Ais gill loft layout

ben pez

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Thought id start a thread on my loft layout that im currently building.

Actually started first building the baseboards for this late last november.

The loft measures 13' x 12',with the layout running along the perimeter of the loft.

The straight sections are only a foot wide,and obvouisly the four corners are a lot wider,ive used 36 inches radius curves.

Its a 00 gauge dc layout,and ive now decided to model one length of the layout loosely based on ais gill summit in the last years of br steam.

Ais gill the same as many people is a popular spot i love so i decided to model this place,although i didnt think of this idea untill after id build the baseboards!

The track ive used is peco code 100,and i know the track plan is by no means exactly the same as ais gill,but i'll just have to use a bit of modellers licence!


First batterns on the wall of the loft last november







Frame work of the baseboards with legs,the baseboards were built up in sections in the garage before carting them up into the loft




This is a door to a cupboard with the central heating boiler inside so had to build a lift out section here




Track work is all down and most of it wired up.

Basically its a double loop running around the loft,and ive laid a long passing loop on one side of the layout.

Excuse the mess as its very much work in progress!


Latest progress pics...





Trains running.....










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Excellent - would really like to have the space - it gets cold in the garage  - hows the missus deal with your obsession and I hope she politely knocks before entering to avoid S&C related derailments. :)


...the bear looks dubious.



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Ha ha

Forgot to say,that door in the loft isnt an access door,just a cupboard

Theres a steep staircase in the middle of the loft.

The daft bear belongs to my wife,i keep telling her now that the loft aint a storage room for junk anymore!

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Went up into the loft tonight but didnt get much done due to "playing trains"!!

Surely this must happen to others?!!....

Dilemma:  You have to wire the track and test it before the scenery goes in.  Once you run the trains, you lose interest in putting the scenery in.

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Looks like a nice space to sit and play trains.


Just a small point that would be easier to fix before the scenery is done (assuming it is an error and you do want to 'fix' it.)


The pic below shows a facing crossover, normally (and there will always be exceptions) a crossover between running lines would be a trailing crossover, (2 left hand points rather than 2 right hand points)


Also are you going to have a 'fiddle yard' of some sort or will it all be scenic?







Went up into the loft tonight but didnt get much done due to "playing trains"!!
Surely this must happen to others?!!....


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Thanks for the info regarding the pointwork

Although just out of shot of that last photo,the jubilee with the coaches has just past another crossover.

Thanks for your input though.

Im thinking of using the other long staight section of the layout where i have a long passing loop as a fiddle yard.

The other side of the loft will be scenic,from the road bridge at ais gill up to the summit where the signal box used to be.



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Hi Ben,


Found you! Its all a learning curve this modelling lark, your timberwork skills look pretty good to me. If I were you I would run the trains for a few weeks to ensure there are no expansion issues before committing to scenic additions, keep up the good work.


Re: a link. if you ask the moderator Andy York he'll put you wise but I think if you go into your RMWeb name at top right there's an option called 'signature' where you can add a link etc.

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Cheers mike


Thanks for the advice,ive left expansion joints on every piece of track so hopefully,as it does get very warm up in the loft this time of year,nothing buckles and twists!

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Havent done a lot to the layout recently due to becoming a father,but in between nappy changes today,done a lttle bit more on the road bridge.


Bit of weathering






Made the grass verges on the roadside




Random shot of a wagon!





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Congrats on being a Dad, that will take some time but so far its looking really good, I do like the bridge, very nicely modeled I must say.


A fiddle yard of some sorts is always useful so try and work one in somewhere if you can.


Looking good, I will be back.



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Done a bit more on the layout this week,im starting to get a bit more free time on it.

All the track & sleepers have been sprayed with sleeper grime and ive started ballasting




Ais gill box,although it does need weathering




Modified a ratio lineside hut to look like this one...





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