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Last Scheduled Steam Service Images

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Hi all,


Does anyone have any decent images/web links depicting any last scheduled steam services/images of lines about to close (at any point in history).


I'm particularly interested in any taken at rural/small stations due for closure where I'm imagining the stock/station would have been in a general state of disrepair.


My interest was sparked by the painting of Bishopsbourne by Barrie Clark, which I happened to see at an auction yesterday. I appreciate the painting doesn't depict the final service or anything of that nature however it's atmosphere and rural location sparked an idea for a small layout. I figure I could create a small side project layout using minimal stock and buildings and use it as a test bed for trying to make it atmospheric.


For those not familiar with the painting, here's a link to the disused stations site on Bishopsbourne;




As always, thanks in advance.



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Here's a link to some of my pics of the last day of booked steam passenger train working on the Henley branch complete with nice clean 'Castle' and 'Hall'.  The final days of steam working on any particular line weren't necessarily a matter of rundown infrastructure, engines or stock - there's even a coach riding on B4 bogies among this lot!



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