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Layout's debut with many Legomanbiffo sounds. A small affair in Sutton


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Hi Guys

Just for those of you who do not normallly follow the layouts threads, Falcon Road TMD & Oil Drum Lane is soon to have its Exhibition Debut. It's a BR Modern image depot and yard.

The outing is a small affair but just right to give it a shake down before appearing at a bigger show in Worthing, September 2014.

The layout is going to have a two day testing in June at a small 'do' in Carshalton near Sutton, Surrey.

A local museum known as Honeywood House is having a 'railway weekend'. It's free and besides Falcon Road, there will be 4 or 5 other layouts from the Croydon and Wimbledon Clubs.

Everyone's welcome, of course, but don't expect a full blown model railway exhibition. It's nothing of the sort. However, if you are thinking of changing to DCC or want to learn more about it or just want to hear sounds mainly by Legomanbiffo, come along a have a look.




Here are the other layouts;


The Trench from Wimbledon MRC
Mole End from Croydon MRS
Hazel End from Wimbledon MRC
Toop Tramway from Croydon MRS
Avon Sidings and Felled Oaks from Croydon MRS


Dave Smith
Carshalton & Sutton MRC.

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good luck to far south for myself but hope you have a great weekend nothing like the pressure of a show to niggle out any faults on a layout. .  my new chapels first show was a few weeks ago and id say it was far from a small show but it was all good time flow by . . .ps i follow your layout . . .was a great one it is 


cheers ian 

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I wish I could come to that but I am definitely too far south to get there easily!


I just noticed that Ian (above) is in Blackburn: I am in Blackburn South, which is very roughly 10,000 miles south of Ian's location. Carshalon is fractionally closer but not close enough!! :D


Enjoy it though, I'm sure it will be well received.

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