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I seem to of missed out an update.


The rest of the soldering on the brass work was straight forward with no untoward errors. The beading was a little fiddly but work out fine by just taking things easy. I did think I was a few castings short, but they were found hiding in the box with the loco.


The white metal castings are quite good, not needing much fettling. The axleboxes and springs are seperate castings and I did change the springs, only because the hangers sat better than the kit ones. They all will be used eventually.


The almost finshed rear details. lamp irons are from M Finney as I could not find the ones in the kit.



The front end waiting for the whitemetal castings.



The sides before adding the springs and boxes.




The following are of the completed tender, awaiting it's clean and priming.








Hope you don't mind the picture overload. But I did not realise where I had got to. I suddenly ran out of things to fit.

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